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Director - Zach Gold
Executive Producer - Michael Skiny Power
Production - Flower Ave
Stylist - Simon Robins at CLM
Makeup - Natasha Severino at JedRoot
Hair - Charles McNair at JedRoot
Director of Photography - Brandon Finney
Model - Aline Weber at Next Models
Model - Marina Nery at The Society Management
Primary Casting - Jennifer Starr
Post Production - Mass Market
Post Production CD - Dallas Lillich
Post Production CD - Rob Moggach
VFX Supervisor- Mathew Lamb
Music - Jim Dooley
Set Designer - Annie Sperling
Dancer - Monique Blanchard (Q Model Management)
Dancer - Miguel Perez (Body Traffic)
Dancer -Guzman Rosado (Body Traffic)
Dancer - Jewel Pearson (The Movement Talent Agency)
Dancer - G. Madison IV
Stuntman - J. Elliot
Stunt Woman - Mallory Thompson